CAFM – Computer Aided Facilities Management Services

Switzel International delivers 5D models when a construction project is ready to be closed- out. The “As-Built” BIM model contains all relevant building component information such as product data and details, maintenance/operation manuals, cut sheet specifications, photos, warranty data, web links to online sources of the product, manufacturer information and contacts.

This information-centric database is made globally accessible to the users/owners through a customized, proprietary secure, web-based environment. The accuracy of 5D BIM aids facility managers in the operation and maintenance of the facility throughout its life cycle.

Software used: Integrated Facility Management Software for complete Operations & Maintenance stage.


Construction Management (CM) is a professional service that uses specialized, project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction stages of a project, from its beginning to its end. The purpose of CM is to control a project's time / delivery, cost and quality—sometimes referred to as a project management triangle or "triple constraints. CM is compatible with all project management systems including design-bid-build, design-and-build projects.

Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) - A CEMP helps to ensure that construction work considers aspects of environmental protection within the context of compliance with local legislation and minimization of the impacts on humans and the environment. A CEMP allows a proactive approach in controlling potentially polluting activities to prevent adverse public health impacts, nuisance and hazards to the natural and human environment.

Sustainability Services & Solutions

GSAS Consultancy Services for General Contractors, Consultants & MEP Contractors
  • Shall facilitate Registration of project with GORD. Registration and Certification fee to be paid by Client/Contractor.
  • Debut e GSAS CGP to represent for GSAS Certification throughout the project stage as required by.
  • Co-ordinate with consultants to collect the documents submitted for Provisional Certificate/Letter of Conformance (LOC)
  • Review the LOC documents
  • Manage GSAS document submittal (Construction stage)
  • Attend any meeting, site audit, and coordination with consultant/client/GORD related to GSAS
  • Manage online submission
  • Review all documents related to GSAS
  • Any work for the sake of achieving targeted star certification set forth in the Contract and LOC
GSAS Services for MEP Contractors
  • Energy Demand Performance
  • Energy Delivery Performance
  • CO2 Emissions
  • SOx, NOx and Particulate Matter Emission
  • Water Consumption
  • Thermal Comfortness
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Indoor Chemical Pollutant source control
  • Commissioning Plan
  • Leak Detection system
  • Energy and Water sub metering
  • Automated Control System

BIM Consultancy Services

Switzel International have a one-stop solutions for comprehensive BIM consultancy services. Our expertise includes:

  • 3D BIM modelingservices for all stages for all kind of projects from LOD 100 to 500:
  • BIM Architectural Services
  • BIM Architectural Detailing Services
  • BIM Structural Design Services
  • BIM Structural Detailing Services
  • MEP BIM Services
  • Mechanical BIM Services
  • Electrical BIM Services
  • Plumbing BIM Services
  • Interior Design Services
  • Facade Modeling Services
  • COBie Modeling Services
  • Rebar Modeling Services
  • Landscape Modeling Services
  • BIM Clash Detection & Resolution
  • BIM Revit Family Creation
  • CAD to BIM Modelling Conversion
  • 4D BIM Planning and Scheduling Simulation of Construction Sequence
  • 5D Cost Estimation & Quantity Take-Offs
  • 6D BIM Sustainability & Energy Analysis
  • 7D BIM Facilities Management and Maintenance
  • Value Engineering through BIM
  • BIM Model Integration with CAFM software
  • COBie Services for FM Data integration
  • 3D Laser scanning for As-Built Modelling
  • 3D Laser scanning for Renovations purposes.
  • Laser Scan to BIM services for CAFM
  • Point Cloud to BIM Modeling Services
  • BIM Rendering & Walkthrough Services
  • BIM Documentation Services