About Switzel International

SWITZEL INTERNATIONAL (SMC) is a management consulting company that provides Design and BIM Consultancy, Project Management, Sustainability consultancy, and CAFM Services.

Started in 2020, Switzel International is experienced with full life cycle development of Airports, METRO Stations, high-rise Buildings, Medical Complexes, Educational institutions, MULTIPLEX residential and commercial building projects.

The AEC industry recognizes Switzel International as an organization that systematically plans and executes BIM in virtual design and construction project management. We demonstrate a holistic approach towards strategy, planning, management, and execution of BIM for design processes, supply chain coordination, scheduling, cost control, sustainability, operations & maintenance, and integration with Industry 4.0. Our extensive track record evidence benefits gained from the tangible outcomes of the BIM implementation, such as gains in Time, efficiency, quality, cost, operations & maintenance, and lifecycle asset management for the project owners, developers, contractors, and consultants from the AEC Industry.

Our Vision & Mission


COURAGE We will keep raising the bar for ourselves. We will move out of our comfort zone and take on challenges. We will be agile, learning from our mistakes and embracing change positively. We will speak up when things are not right and play our part in making them better. CURIOSITY We will stay curious and keep seeking opportunities to learn and explore. We will apply this ability to develop our entrepreneurial thinking, increase global perspective, make sound decisions and continuously improve. ACCOUNTABILITY We will take ownership for execution, problem-solving, and achieving results. We will honour our commitments and comply with the law and policies. We will hold ourselves accountable. INCLUSION We will foster collaboration and teamwork. We will build a diverse and inclusive environment together where we all feel valued, respected, heard, and supported. FAIRNESS We will put people first and we will be fair and just in all our decisions and actions


To add value to our customer business by providing innovative, high-tone, time-bound, and cost-effective single-stop solutions for all integrated AEC services. We want to emphasize that our most profound commitment is to our clients. At SMC, we don't just say this; we mean it and prove it every time we provide our services. We possess state-of-the-art technology to provide top-notch services at every client's doorstep. Our strength is our well-trained engineering team with years of industry experience and expertise in Design and BIM Consultancy.


INTEGRITY: In conduct, thought and action.

RESPECT: For every opinion, idea and expression.

COMMUNICATION: Open and unbiased.

RESPONSIBILITY: For every action, outcome and consequence.


TEAMWORK: Common goals in pursuit of excellence.

INNOVATION: Continuous improvement in what we do best

OUR PEOPLE: Thinking in “Uniqueness “of each individual and equal opportunity.